Top Ten Terms for Female Masturbation!

In no particular order, I, K. Bust,
would like to present to you my top ten terms for female masturbation:

Drum roll, please…

10. Playing the clitar

9. Checking for squirrels (File this under WTF?!)

8. Dialin’ your rotary phone

7. Erasing your problems away

6. Lady diddles

5. Tip toe through the two lips

4. Fucking without complications (SOOO true.)

3. Producing whore moans (HORmones, get it? I LOVE it!)

2. Give a noogie to your monkey

1. Looking for Waldo and his dog (Gee, Spot, there you are!)

When you’ve found the description that suits you to a ‘T’, let us at Tulip help you decide on that delicious vibrator that does the same!
I would recommend the Rosebud vibe (the best clit stimulation you can get, in my opinion), the Eva, or the Paul and Paulina Fun Factory Vibe.

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