Ribbed G-spot Pyrex


Product Description

Pyrex is the best and safest type of glass to use as an adult bedroom novelty! Experiment with temperature- Pyrex glass will retain temperatures very well and for a long time. Try heating up in hot water before use, or place in the freezer for cold sensations. Without temperature play, Pyrex will adapt to your exact body temperature exactly: creating an interesting sensation. The weight of Pyrex applies a nice pressure on the g-spot too! The Ribbed G-spot Pyrex is one of PyreXions best selling designs. The cobalt ribbed G-spot designs offers dual end stimulation and textures. The curved cobalt raised ribbed section if the perfect answer to finding your G-spot! Each PyreXions piece is hand made by a single artisan in NY! Total length approx 9x 1.25 at largest point, pyrex glass.


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