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FUN FACTORY has designed a fresh fun set of anal beads. BENDY BEADS are sure to be an exciting addition to your anal toy collection.

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The elastic anal beads chain is made of elliptic shaped elements of┬ávarying sizes which one by one can be inserted and removed for┬ápassionate stimulation. ‘Bendybeads”

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  1. 4 out of 5


    It is nice to see high- end anal beads starting to become popular. These beads are made from pure silicone and feel silky smooth and luxurious to the touch. Unlike traditional Jelly beads, these silicone beads are able to be thoroughly disinfected, do not have a harsh chemical smell, are more visually appealing, and do not contain harsh chemicals. The downside to these being made from silicone, however, is that means you can’t use silicone based lubes with them, as silicone lube will cause silicone toys to break down and fall apart. Silicone really is boss when it comes to anal lubricants, as it won’t be easily absorbed by the body like water based lubes are. Alas, that is the price one must pay for a quality set of beads. A high- quality water-based lube designed for anal use should still keep things nice and slippery though, so all hope is not lost! The strand is shorter and includes less beads than a strand of traditional jelly anal beads, which may be a problem for those who enjoy starting off with much smaller increments, or for those who enjoy deeper stimulation.
    Over all, I highly recommend this to anal beginners, or those who enjoy anal play in lighter doses. Those more experienced with anal will probably find these a bit boring and crave something more adventurous.

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