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  • FUNFACTORY-BendyBeads-Red

    Bendy Beads


    FUN FACTORY has designed a fresh fun set of anal beads. BENDY BEADS are sure to be an exciting addition to your anal toy collection.

  • 437d510797b236e0bab2ed4f1c7fcc6a

    COLT Anal Douche


    The COLT Anal Douche – easy-to-use system designed for quick cleaning…wash up! !

  • e7a66f988e1ef66823f2715dd11cd084

    Euphoria Enhanced: Male G-spot Stimulator


    Medically researched and designed, this self pivoting device mutually massages the male g spot and the perineum leading to an intensified orgasm.

  • lubeshooter

    Lube Shooter


  • RocksOff-NaughtyBoy

    Naughty Boy


    Naughty Boy is comparable to the Rude Boy, it’s just a little bit smaller. If you prefer a smaller toy, be sure to check this one out!

  • pandora



    PANDORA is a lovely g+p spot massager, which can be used by all genders. Give this one a try if you want direct g/p spot action!

  • anal-glide

    Pjur Analyse Me Relaxing Anal Glide


    Say goodbye to discomfort! Pjur Analyse Me! Relaxing Anal Glide is an exceptional cosmetic product. Helps to desensitize sensitive areas plus it’s a silicone based long lasting lubricant. It counteracts hypersensitivity and helps increase your ultimate pleasure. This amazing lubricant comes in a 3.4 oz plastic bottle. Apply a small amount to the area and the condom compatible relaxant will bring new thrills to your love life!

  • RocksOff-RudeBoy

    Rude Boy


    Rude Boy comes with a built in bullet, ensuring serious p spot stimulation.

  • unisexdoucheenemasilicone

    Silicone Unisex Douche Enema


    Getting clean has never been such dirty fun with the Douche/Enema System! Designed to be both pleasurable and practical, this silicone water bulb is comfortable, easy-to-use and safe for beginners. The medical-style squeeze ball is soft, pliable, and made from 100% medical-grade Elite Silicone.