Sexual Well Being at Tulip

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that Tulip Toy Gallery is a different kind of sex toy store. With our wide range of products, from unique BDSM gear and gorgeous dildoes and vibes to fashion-forward clothing and an impressive array of literature, Tulip is proud of the holistic, cutting-edge approach we take to sex and sex cultures. After all, sex + art = tulip is our motto. But what makes Tulip even more impressive is that we are an industry leader, for unlike other sex toy stores, all of our products are high quality and medically safe.

The United States federal government does not regulate sex toy manufacturers, allowing for unsafe, porous jelly and rubber toys to pollute the market. However, here at Tulip, we only sell 100% medical grade, non-porous silicone dildoes and vibrators and non-breakable, non-porous Pyrex glass pieces. Silicone is non-porous (it won’t harbor bacteria), carcinogen and phthalate-free (cancer causing agents), and highly durable. That means that when you play with your precious toys, you’re also protecting your precious body. But it doesn’t end there. Tulip is proud to carry an expansive book selection which ranges from 101 guides to queer theory. We believe that talking about sex should be safe and intelligent as well as creative and fun, not regulated to hush-hush conversations or limited to “who put what where,” meaning not limited to anatomy. After all, adults should talk about sex like adults, and there should be safe, accepting spaces for us to do so.

Additionally, many of our vendors are stellar companies who provide more than just a quality product; they provide safe products which provide us with piece of mind. We take pride in supporting other small, woman and queer owned businesses. That means that when you buy a product from Tulip, you know you’re doing your part to support feminist and queer folks. Last, and most important, the Tulips represent a diverse background in sexuality, from sexual health to queer and gender studies: some of us are trained as sexual health advocates and some as queer theorists.

The Tulip staff is compromised of both teachers and students, always hungry for knowledge and dialogue. We encourage your questions and insights! Unsure of how to safely use a product? Want more information on silicone toys? Looking to indulge a fantasy, and don’t know where to start? The Tulips are here to help, because we value, above all else, the sexual well-being of our customers. We believe that education and dialogue are central to making good sex and sociality possible for people of all genders and sexualities. We value adult conversation about sex. This is our promise.

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