Safer Sex Makes Me Hot…

As a sexual health educator for over two years, I’ve become very well acquainted with the condom. I’ve rolled them down plastic penis models, shot them across classrooms, licked them, put them over my head, handed them out as party favors, and always had one handy to give to a friend in need. They’re like a good trusty friend to me, someone I can always count on to spice up a party (or workshop for that matter). But unfortunately, the condom is not everyone’s best friend. New infections of HIV are rising to levels we haven’t seen since the early to mid nineties. More worrisome, the most vulnerable and at risk population, men-who-have-sex with men between the ages of 13-24, are seeing the greatest rise. As a young gay boy these are not just numbers to me; they are my best friends, my (ex)boyfriends, my peers. So lets get real Chicago, and start talking about how we can make safer sex HOT again, or at least more normalized. Below are some suggestions for how to make condom use just another part of your routine:

1. Get crazy: No need to buy those boring ones your grandparents used. Try something colorful, twisted, ribbed, flavored, warming or studded. For some suggestions, check below…
2. Make it fun: Putting on a condom can be a sensual and electrifying activity all in its own. Including it in a foreplay routine can be a great way to both maximize pleasure and safety. Some suggestions include: licking the shaft as you roll the condom down, incorporating it into a latex fetish by making it another accessory (to see Tulips latex clothing, click here:, letting the receptive partner use it as a way to taunt the giver, or incorporate them into dirty talk (nothing makes me hotter than a guy whispering, “You don’t happen to have a magnum handy, do you?”).
3. Mix it up: Buying a variety of condoms can make it more fun. Try a different one every night! In fact, a former boyfriend and I used to keep a big jar next to the bed full of different types of condoms. Whoever was the receiving partner for the night would close their eyes, reach in and grab one. It made for a bit of mystery, and still let us play safely.
4. Practice makes perfect: Like any talent, making condom use fast and easy is the best way to minimize the frustration of being in the moment and fumbling around for 10 minutes to get the damn thing on right. Time yourself to see how quickly you can safely open the package, figure out which way it rolls, pinch an inch, and roll it down. Shaving even seconds off the whole ordeal can make it seem less like a chore.
5. Always be prepared: Keep some condoms handy in any place where you might have sex. Grab one or two before heading out for the night or going to class. Keeping a few in the bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, car, or dungeon can allow for play to happen anywhere in the house without any preparation. Planning ahead for spontaneity is a great way to always be prepared and a little wild at the same time.

Ready to take the plunge into a safer and more satisfying sex life?

Below are some of the fabulous condoms we sell at Tulip:
Pleasure Plus: the enlarged tip has extra ribbing on the bottom for added stimulation
Rough Rider: studded, warming, sexy
Inspiral: spiraled tips to add a little spice to the night? Or morning? Or afternoon snack?
Trojan Twisted Pleasure: a twisted tip which adds spunk to the old standard
Trojan Warm Sensations: lubricated with a warming solution which adds temperature play to any adventure
Lifestyles Dual Pleasure: oversized tip of the condom stimulates both partners for added excitement to your routine
Tulip Brand: our very own colored condoms, buy one in every color to show off your gay pride

So let’s get going fellas, a whole new world awaits!

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