Rechargeable Magic Wand Review

You’ve no doubt heard the term “Size Queen” before. Well, I’d like to introduce a new phrase into the lexicon of sexual preference references: Power Queen or King. As a self-professed Power King, I’m happy to deliver my review of the Rechargeable Magic Wand.

While the current trend in self pleasure devices seems to be moving toward small, quiet and discreet units, I for one want — no, I NEED — my devices to be large, noisy, and the exact opposite of discrete. I won’t even bother faking an apology. I NEED THAT PLUG-IN POWER. Downstairs neighbors be damned!

I learned early on in my sexual development that I’m a Wand Person. I don’t mean the kind of wand your favorite teen wizard uses, but the large, plug in, back massager kind that used to be seen at places like Sharper Image. You know, like The (Hitachi) Magic Wand.

You see, small scale vibrators have never really worked well for me. One motor, two motors, internal stimulation plus external stimulation, it doesn’t matter. They just lack the power that most of the wand style vibes deliver. Those small modern wonders may have featured a variety of pleasing pulse patterns, been waterproof, or even been made to look like lipstick for discrete storage; but they never seemed to pack enough oomph for me. I tried again and again, but I’m not someone who can reach orgasm easily because of a spinal cord injury. This makes it all the more challenging to find a toy that has the power to provide the kind of stimulation that I need to achieve orgasm.

So when I heard that The Original Magic Wand (formerly called The Hitachi Magic Wand) was going cordless, my little ol’ Power King heart pounded at the promise. Could it be true?

Other heavy hitting corded vibes had gone cordless in years past, but sacrificed power and intensity in the effort. Does anyone remember the AcuVibe? That vibrator broke my heart. It promised a wall vibe’s power without a cord, but it never delivered. The battery never stayed charged long enough, and it just wasn’t as strong as its plug-in sister model.

I vowed I would never stray again. Other cordless wands have flirted with me over the years, trying to entice me with their promises of big, rumbling orgasms, but I had made a pledge. Even though her head was rubbery and hard to clean, her neck wasn’t rigid enough, she only had 2 speeds, and there was that darned 6 foot cord, still, I stayed true to my Magic Wand.

In mid 2016, Vibratex (current owners of the Magic Wand Brand) introduced their redesigned, CORDLESS, version of The Original Magic Wand to the world. It was rolled out with a bigger (2 inch high x 2.5 across and 7.5 inches), all body safe, silicone head, a stiffer neck, and 4 power intensities (from Low – 2,700rpms, Medium – 3,800rpms, High – 5,400rpms, to Ultra – 6,300rpms), with 4 different stimulation patterns. All of those fancy upgrades made me swoon deeply. Then I had a moment of sheer panic, what about the attachments I had bought? Would they still fit the new head? Rest assured, if you own an Original (Hitachi) Magic Wand, and toppers, like the Vibratex Blue G-Plus or the Euphoria, you can still utilize them with the new cordless version of The Magic Wand.

rechargeable magic wand

Partnered sex with the cordless Magic Wand is more blissful too! No longer was our passion tethered to an outlet with only 6 feet of cord to get creative with, we were able to play anywhere we wished, in countless positions. The new, quieter, Cordless Magic Wand delivered unparalleled power and deep penetrating vibrations that delivered seismic orgasms for us both — every time.

The new, gentle touch operation buttons feel natural in the hand and are easy to use while in play. Just like the original model, this baby is no lightweight. Clocking in at almost 2 pounds and approximately 13 inches long, this large lady is for more experienced users. The Cordless Magic Wand will run for 3 hours total on a full charge. It can also be used while the plug is connected during charging. The Rechargeable Magic Wand also features an automatic shut off, that kicks on after the toy has been in use for 20 continuous minutes to protect the internal electronics. It will resume running immediately though, never fear.

There’s a reason that this baby is called The MAGIC Wand! It has been casting a spell of cascading orgasms over all lucky enough to grasp its girthy handle over the last 30 years. Though apprehensive about the redesign at first, I am extremely pleased with the new cordless model of The Original Magic Wand, and I think you will be too!


By Daddy Sky

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