New Dildoes: The Anatomical Superstars, Talula and Elvis

Tired of floppy dildoes that just don’t hit that g-spot? Tulip is over all of that flip-flopping, guessing, poking, prodding kind of sex. We’re the only store that carries the revolutionary Talula (in small, medium, and large for size queens). The Talula is an anatomical superstar (even a penis can’t get that erect) and hits the g-spot (or p-spot; that lovely anal prostate massage, boys) every time. The Talula was designed to be worn in another revolutionary product, the Spare Parts harness: no more o rings, sizing drama, pinching, etc. Any dildo fits perfectly in the Spare Parts and it’s sexy yet totally comfortable. You can throw it in the washing machine (cold delicate), and it gives your ass a great lift. Size A fits up to a 54-inch waist and size B is 54 inches and higher. It fits all of my lady friends, regardless of body type. So if you own a Spare Parts, it will only encourage you to get out there and meet lots of folks. It’s truly a queer harness: think multiple partners. Talula comes in several colors in both regular and soft skin silicone.

The Elvis is also an anatomical superstar (g-spot perfection) and is designed for the Spare Parts harness. Its lovely balls are meant to be worn outside of the harness (fun to bounce off of, bottoms). And tops, you know you want a big ole pair. Elvis comes in black or pink and in soft skin silicone.

Ladies, remember that you can access the g-spot through anal sex: Elvis and Talula are designed to tap the back of the vaingal wall and hit the g-spot every time. They’re perfect for all positions. Embrace anal. Chill out, pour some wine, stimulate that clit, get a good spanking and ass massage, and use lots of lube (check out Sassy, Sliquid’s safe, female-friendly water-based booty lube). Reimagine your body and get beyond conventional erogenous zones with some good ass sex. Take it from a big nelly bottom like me: there’s nothing as hot and dirty (in a good way; productive, sexy shame!) as being down on all fours, expect maybe being down on all fours with the Elvis up your ass.


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