Lingerie, Undergarments, and Kinky Apparel!

Tulip Lingerie

YES!!! We are so very excited to introduce Lingerie, Undergarments, and Kinky Apparel to our website and stores!

Seduction, sexual confidence, the art of the tease, play & pleasure, all have a lot (if not everything!) to do with sex, sex toys, & Tulip, don’t you think? We do! That’s why we have selected, and are continuing to hand select, tantalizing & sultry lingerie and kinky apparel for both woman and men.

We have brought in, and are continuing to expand, everywhere from affordable quality pieces, to high-end, absolutely unique, designer lines.

Our selections are inspired by stuff Tulip loves; Burlesque, Pin-Up, Bondage, BDSM, Sex Kittens, Lust, Seduction, The Art of Tease, and much more.

Many of our panties and bras are hand-made with so much love! Materials of all types; Satins, Leathers, Lace, Tulle, Latex, Cottons, and more.

Keep checking in, as we will be bringing in new things all the time, we like keeping it fresh and different.

We love to match the lingerie pieces with a glamorous pair of restraints in pearl or lace, or some sexy pasties~ Tulip has everything you need to play & tease feeling ultra confident and sexy  😉

Along with Lingerie, we offer male, androgynous and transgender undergarments too~ We have the best briefs and trunks for packing, an amazing line of Jack Adam’s Jockstraps, and coming in the Spring androgynous apparel and Accessories by FYI by Dani Read. We’re *oh* so excited and can’t hold it in!

All of our sex toys pair magically with the lingerie & apparel we’ve selected;

Explore LOVE!

*prrrrrrrrrrrr…..scratch scratch*

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