I ♥ NY!-An Homage to Pyrex

A week or so ago my boyfriend and I decided to make an investment. While real-estate or a fare card for transit would have been a wise choice we chose a city instead. That’s right, a city. After visiting Detroit, Chicago, and Toronto I pushed for the one and only Big Apple. A curvy shaft and round little head top off the thick bulb at the base. Intricate and original the New York is built, well, blown, to please. If I haven’t made it quite clear, the boy and I got a beautiful Pyrex dildo.

While many are afraid of glass toys, he and I highly recommend you go and visit any of the cities that Tulip offers. Each Pyrex dildo has a unique design. The New York for instance has a slight S-shape that’s designed to tickle the prostate and/or G-spot. At about eight inches New York is definitely packing a punch to ‘P’. While there are many Pyrex anal plugs available, such as the Madison or Honolulu, we were searching for a big boy. We chose the New York after weeks of deliberation and contemplation. I spent many a long night with glass dildos dancing through my head . After some time to ponder and discuss exactly what we were looking to add to our sleepless nights we chose the New York for a few reasons.

The main reason, of course, is that it is made of Pyrex. Pyrex is a type of glass that was traditionally used for cooking containers and utensils and was discovered by Dr. Jesse Littleton in 1915, who was trying to design cookware for his wife. Bet he wouldn’t guess what his little polymer would amount to in terms of pleasure. Currently, I wonder whether he would have approved of where Pyrex would soon go… but who cares. Everyone give thanks to the Doc!

Pyrex toys have some wonderful qualities that swayed our decision. The first is durability. Despite the fear that glass dildos will break during use, I would make the claim that there is no human vagina or anus that has the muscle to break glass. Wonder Woman may be the exception here, but that’s all hearsay. Pyrex will never disintegrate, break down, wear out, or lose its shape.

The second is contingent on the first quality just discussed, but let me elaborate. You can use any type of lubrication (and it is recommended) with a glass toy. The boy and I have always preferred silicone lube, or at least a water-based with a drop or two of silicone mixed in. We knew that we just couldn’t take home a silicone dildo. We feared mixing up which lube was water-based and which was silicone when the lights were off, possibly destroying a new found friendly phallus.

Thirdly, as one should expect by now, Pyrex is non-porous and easy as pie to clean. You can give it a good boil, a nice scrub with antibacterial soap and hot water, or throw it in the dishwasher without detergent (better leave out the jet dry too because it’s not your grandma’s crystal). This was important to both of us, as we knew we would both want to play with a new toy and didn’t want to worry about it harboring any bacteria. We may be in love, but I know you should NEVER share anal toys without a proper bath. I recommend letting the toy air dry to avoid any fuzz from cloth or paper towels. Remember, patience is a virtue folks.

Next up on the list is where it gets a little kinky. On a scolding hot day there’s nothing like a big cup of lemonade and an ice-cold glass dildo. Inversely, on those bitter cold Chicago nights some hot cocoa and a warm dildo does one right and melts the heart. Pyrex toys can be placed in the fridge or freezer for some frosty action. You could also heat it up in the microwave (not too hot!!) or warm it up in some hot water. Who doesn’t want a sex toy that adjusts to any climate?

The final reason we chose a Pyrex toy, and New York specifically, is because each is a work of art. Each of the pieces Tulip offers are hand-blown . Every city has its individual shape and size, so everyone gets to choose the sexual vacation that suits them best. The colors are stunning and most, if not all, are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and orifice. Larger Pyrex pieces can further function as an intricate paperweight or doorstop. Always the center of conversation, these dildos also make beautiful centerpieces at parties or on coffee tables (and mom and dad will think it’s a statuette).

To sum it up: I ♥ NY. Drop by Tulip and find the right city for you!

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