Genderblur Scene II

He watches her from across the bar as she casually tosses her long red hair and sways to the music. He sips his beer, quietly admiring, as her hands caress each curve of her body.
Her tight black dress creeps toward her waist, revealing a tantalizing flash of inner thigh.
He notices her, noticing him, a playful smile spreading across her lips as she works her way across the room and toward him. She steps up to the bar and brushes her hair out of her eyes.
“Hi,” she says.
“Hey,” he pauses to consider her for a moment as her eyes playfully dance over the bulge at his crotch.
“Wanna dance?” he asks.
“Actually, I was on my way to the washroom…” She looks him dead in the eye and finishes, casually, “Care to join me?”
Without hesitation, he grabs her by the hand and leads her through the crowd toward the bathroom. The door is unlocked and he ushers her in by the small of her back. He closes the door behind them and buries his head into her neck. As he takes in the sweet scent of her perfume, her lips tremble against his ear, “No kissing,” she says.
“I want you to hurt me.”

He closes his jaw around the nape of her neck, relishing the beat of her pulse against his tongue. Before he can speak a word, her hands began to travel, teasing, and then suddenly, impatiently she begins to unbuckle his belt. He moves his hand out of the way and leans back, allowing her to work more freely while taking careful consideration to keep her locked in his gaze.
He produces a condom from his back pocket and hands it to her, enjoying the smile playing at the corner of her lips.
“You’re hungry for it, aren’t you? You little slut…You want my cock in your mouth.”
“Please” she whispers, as she pushes his pants down around his ankles.
Ravenous, she tears down his briefs to reveal his glistening hard cock, ready and waiting for her eager lips. Gasping in anticipation, she looks up at him and seductively rolls the condom over the tip of his dick, beginning to stroke him slowly.
He exhales as she moves her hand over him and then reaches out and grabs her by the chin.
“I wanna know how those pretty little lips feel on my cock,” he says to her, pushing her to her knees. She takes him into her mouth, her lips touching the base of his cock on the first thrust. He wraps his fingers around the back of her neck and pushes himself into her, violently. She pulls away from him, teasing the tip of his dick in slow circles.
He reaches a hand under her dress and takes a nipple between his finger tips, squeezing harder every time he makes her gasp for air.
“You like how I fill you up?” he asks her. “You little slut, you love choking on my dick.”
He quickly pulls away from her and slaps her across the face with an open palm, returning with a stinging backhand. Moaning, she raises her eyes to his, her smirk inviting another slap. He spits on her instead. She licks her lips.

“Stand up,” he orders, which she does, obediently.
“Bend over,” he says, which she also does without hesitation.
Starting at her lower back he drags his nails up to the nape of her neck, forcing her to bend even further over the sink. He slaps her ass for good measure and pushes her skirt up over her waist.
“No panties…,” he hisses in her ear, “…of course not. You really are a little whore aren’t you?”
He reaches a hand around her thigh and begins teasing her clit in slow circles, then without warning, plunges two fingers into her dripping wet cunt. Two fingers, then three, he reaches up and grabs a handful of her hair, jerking her back, suddenly. She gasps for air, whimpering between low moans.
“I’m going to fuck you like this,” he says to her, ” Then you’re going to suck my cock again and I’m going to fill that pretty little mouth with my cum. Do you understand?”
“Yes” she whispers back to him.
“Yes, what?” he demands.
“Yes, Sir!” she moans.

“You want me to fuck you?” he asks her again, not anticipating an answer. He adds a fourth digit, marveling at how tightly her cunt hugs his fingers. He pulls his arm back and briefly considers fishing for his lube, but her words echo back at him: “I want you to hurt me…,” she had said. His fist disappears inside her.
“Oh, God…,” she moans as he pumps in and out of her, reaching his free hand up to pinch and pull her nipples. He reaches down and allows his fingers to tease her while he thrusts into her, violently. She begins to moan louder and rock against him, rhythmically. Her eyes close for the first time in their encounter.
“There. Oh Fuck. Don’t stop.”
He knew she was about to cum. He reaches up and encloses his hand around her throat.
His fingers cupped, he thrusts into her one last time, locking his teeth around the nape of her neck. She roars. Her thick cum drips down his arm and instinctually, he is moved to dip his tongue in the sweet, metallic syrup. He pulls her to him and allows her a breath.

After a moment has passed, he pulls his hand from her and states, sneering, “My turn.” She turns and without protest, drops to her knees, smirk still stuck firmly in place.
“I want you to cum in my mouth.” she says.
He buries his fists into her hair and thrusts into her mouth. He relishes each moan she allows to escape past his cock.
“Oh yes”, she moans, coming up for air.
“Oh fuck!” he exclaims, grabbing her firmly by the back of the head.
He growls as he thrusts into her one last time and cums with an explosion into her greedy mouth. She pulls back and gazes up at him, triumphantly. It occurs to him that she has been smiling the whole goddamn time.
“You are one crafty, little painslut…”
She cocks her eyebrow at him and smiles coyly. As she stands and pushes her skirt back down, he asks her, “can I buy you a drink?”
“Just one,” she replies, fixing her hair in the mirror.
He pulls his pants back up around his waist and asks, “will you tell me your name?’
“I’d rather not,” she says as she pushes open the bathroom door.

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