Genderblur Scene I

Man: I am a Man.

Woman: I am a Woman.

Man: What makes you a woman?

Woman: What makes you a man?

Man: I have a penis.

Woman: So do I…well…sometimes. I have breasts.

Man: Im fairly certain Ive had breasts before.

Woman: Ha! Well, I have a vagina, BUT, I cant carry a child.

Man: Neither can I.

Woman: May I touch you? What does a man feel like?

Man: Does a man feel at all? My Father taught me never to cry. What does a woman feel like?

Woman: Im harder than you think…but then again-so are you.

Man: I am? Oh, I see…Do you cry?

Woman: Not as often as I should. You?

Man: Im not supposed to.

Woman: Have you ever fallen in love?

Man: Im not supposed to. Have you?

Woman: I don’t have time for love.

Man: Im strangely attracted to you.

Woman: I understand. I only date women.

Man: Who do you kiss?

Woman: Whomever Im fucking.

Man: How does a Woman Fuck?

Woman: How does a man?

Man: Kiss me?

Woman: No. Let me see your hands?

Man: (he holds his hands up for inspection)

Woman: Hmm…big…strong

Man: And yours?

Woman: (holds her hands up)

Man: Small…delicate.

Woman: Just as useful as yours!

Man: Whats your name?

Woman: Whats in a name?

Man: Apparently not gender? Gender lies in the pronoun.

Woman: What?

Man: Something they taught us at school.

Woman: Its in the pronoun?

Man: Implied by it.

Woman: But we call my car a girl, she doesn’t have a vagina.

Man: He must be a boy then.

Woman: It doesn’t have a penis either.

Man: It must not have a gender then.

Woman: What about God?

Man: What about Nature?

Woman: Why is the universal a he?

Man: I read somewhere we’re all inherently female.

Woman: xx/xy

Man: X marks the spot but WHY does this matter? Can I kiss you?

Woman: Wait

Man: Im not strong enough.

Woman: Men are stronger than women.

Man: Are you good at math?

Woman: Yes. Are You?

Man: No…Can I kiss you?

Woman: Wait.

Man: Women are manipulative.

Woman: Men are demanding.

Man: Your hands were rough, I can still feel the dirt from your palm.

Woman: Are you going to kiss me or not?

*They kiss

Man: That was…

Woman: Sweet…

Man: Salty…

Woman: Soft…again?

*They kiss again

Woman: What makes a man?

Man: I Love You. What makes a woman?

Woman: I Want You.

Man and Woman: WHAT AM I?

Woman: It doesn’t matter.

Man: Just kiss me.

* They kiss again. Blackout.

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