Some Interesting Info About The G-Spot and Tulip G-Spot Toy Recommendations

The  mysterious g-spot~ Scientists, Doctors, and Researchers argue of its existence and this topic is one of the most common questions we get in our stores by women, men and all genders  alike. I have had people ask, “Does it really exist?”, “How do I find my g-spot?” and “I can only orgasm with clitoral stimulation, is the g-spot is a myth?” Although many scientist claim its nonexistence, millions of vagina-owners throughout the world find immense pleasure through their g-spot.   We have an amazing G-Spot and Squirting workshop coming up at our Chicago Location in February, Click here for more info and for now, here are some interesting facts on the g-spot~

1) This quote is on a study, it’s very interesting and similar to what I suggest to customers at the shops: Try a Kegel muscle exerciser, (like the SmartBalls by Fun Factory) work on your muscles, which can help enlarge the g-spot and also enable you to push your g-spot forward during sex.

“….Jannini released another study that used ultrasound scanning to look for the G-spot. Vagina-owners who reported having orgasms brought on by the G-spot showed thicker tissue in the area than those who reported never having such an orgasm [source: Sample]. Jannini suggested that his findings meant that people with vaginas could have a simple test to figure out whether they had a G-spot or no…. Critics, however, suggested that the area might need to be developed and built up, much like a muscle that you want to do heavy lifting. If people stopped searching for their G-spot, these critics said, then they’d never find it and fulfill their G-spot potential.”


Anatomy of the Vagina

2) Squirting a myth? Not so much! “One reason researchers — and vagina-owners — are so interested in the G-spot is that it, along with the adjacent Skene’s glands, might constitute the vaginal prostate. The prostate is a notable erogenous zone, and some vagina-owners claim that when their own prostate is stimulated, they are able to ejaculate like prostate-owners. People with vaginas have volunteered to ejaculate in lab environments, and they emit a fluid that is very similar to semen, both in appearance and in chemical make-up.” Are you in or near Chicago and want to learn more about female ejaculation & the g-spot? We have a workshop you gotta attend in February! Click Here for more info.

3) According to PicoBong, “…the G-Spot is a sensitive, bean-shaped pleasure point typically located about two inches up the front of the vaginal wall between the vaginal opening and the urethra. It’s about one centimeter under the surface, making it difficult to be stimulated through normal intercourse.”

4) According to Women’s Health, Squirting “….comes from small glands next to the urethra where the urine comes out, not the vagina and is therefore often confused with urine. These glands were previously know

magic wand attachment for g-spot

magic wand attachment for g-spot

n as the Skene’s glands, but are now officially called the vaginal prostate glands. It can sometimes be induced by ‘milking’ the G-spot in the same way a prostate can be milked to produce ejaculate without orgasm. ”

5) In tantric sex, the G-Spot is called “the sacred spot” and is thought to be a vagina-owner’s emotional sexual center.

6) Woman’s Day says, “If you’ve ever had trouble climaxing, you’re not alone. According to Planned Parenthood statistics, as many as 1 in 3 vagina-owners have trouble reaching orgasm when having sex. And as many as 80 percent of people with vaginas have difficulty with orgasm from vaginal intercourse alone. Clitoral stimulation during intercourse can help, says Stern. “Vaginal sexual dysfunction (FSD), which encompasses the inability to orgasm, is very common—as high as 43 percent, according to some surveys.


7) Dr. Herbenick says, “It is significantly easier for [people with vaginas] to experience orgasm when they engage in a variety of sex acts as opposed to just one act,” she says. “For example, vaginal sex plus oral sex would be linked to a higher likelihood of orgasm than either one of them alone. This may be because more sex acts mean that people spend more time having sex.”

Last, but most certainly not least, G-Spot toys that can help you explore your G-spot and squirt into the night!

Tulip’s #1 recommendation for G-spot and Squirting is this combo: The Hitachi Magic Wand with a G-Spot Attachment.

G-Spot G-Plus Attachment for Wand

G-Spot G-Plus Attachment for Wand

Tulip has several amazing attachments to choose from for the most intense vibrations and orgasms. The G- Spot Plus is a requisite addition to any orgasm connoisseur’s collection, the G-Plus Attachment will make you fall in love with your Hitachi magic Wand. Check it out here.  Another nice attachment and more affordable option is the Magic Wand G-Spot Attachment by Vibratex. It’s a deluxe attachment for the Hitachi Magic Wand that attaches to the wand’s vibrating head. The attachment is used for penetration, allowing for easier locating and pleasuring of the g-spot. Check this one out here.


Want added G-spot stimulation DURING penetration?! The We-Vibe 4 is your ultimate choice then! The world’s #1 couples vibrator, completely redesigned for better fit, heightened intensity and more control. She wears it during sex for extra stimulation to her clitoris and G-spot. Together you both share the vibe. Can be used on your own too!

weVibe4_introSome other options that will get your G-spot spinning and allow you to explore, not in any particular order:

We-Vibe Thrill– Winner of 5 international awards, Thrill by We-Vibeis designed for indulgent solo play. The G-spot stimulator provides internal fullness and friction, while the clitoral vibrator delivers external stimulation.  Find your Spot and stay tuned for a Thrill!

The Lelo Mona– tailored for more varied G-spot and clitoral stimulation

PicoBong Moka– Finder, teaser and pleaser of the coveted G-Spot, Moka is the two-in-one answer to your pleasure prayers. Featuring a dynamic curve and flattened top, flip the tip at any time to transfer those good vibrations from C-Spot to G-Spot.

Rock Chic– The ingenious Rock-Chick Personal Massager is created from medical grade silicone and features simultaneous vaginal, clitoral and G-Spot stimulation, for the ultimate in female pleasure. Designed to perfectly fit a woman’s inner and outer erogenous zone.

Slimline G- Vibrator– This cute vibe has the vibrating mechanism located in the power head for g-spot stimulation that really packs a punch!

Stronic Zwei Pulsator– STRONIC ZWEI delivers thrusting motions (back and forth movements) as opposed to the buzz generated by vibrators.

Lelo Ina 2- LELO-INA is for the woman who wants it all — a sleek dual-action vibrator that reaches out seamlessly to the most erogenous zones.

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