A Review of the Rosebud: One of the newest vibrators now available at Tulip!

I couldn’t stop touching this unbelievably soft, silky silicone toy when I first got it. I usually steer clear of dual action vibrators, because the round-and-round motion of the shaft kind of scares me. But I just might be a convert: I love this toy! It’s so versatile, it can produce both really strong vibrations and really delicate ones as well. Especially when I first started using the toy, direct clitoral contact was a little bit too intense, because I’m super sensitive. I discovered that the shaft still receives vibrations that were light enough for clitoral stimulation in the beginning.The toy itself provides so many options for intensity of vibration, like the fluttery yet still forceful antennae or the direct, strong contact with the butterfly. Once you insert it, the combined clitoral-vaginal action is fantastic and not something I often experience easily without a partner. My only complaint is that the circular action doesn’t hit the G-Spot as hard as I would like it to and sometimes became repetitive. But changing up the speed of rotation turned out to be a good way to deal with this. Overall, the dual action, as well as the many options for contact make for a good way to take your sexuality into your own hands–literally.

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