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What's a toy with out a tip? Learn some of new ways of exploring the body.

  • “Onomonopenis”: Silly Sex Sounds

    “Onomonopenis”: Silly Sex Sounds Let’s talk about noisy sex. I don’t mean noisy as in your-neighbors-can-hear-your-orgasmic-shouting (though that’s always fun), I mean when the lube bottle “squirts,” when your and your partner’s skin “slap, slap, slaps” together, or when your stomachs go “gloop, bloop, blop” with each thrust. It’s completely normal for the body to […]

  • Tulip Adult Workshops: September Calendar!

    TULIP ADULT WORKSHOPS Tulip’s mission is pleasure, education, and safety; what better way to spread the Tulip love and knowledge through fun adult workshops! Our Chicago workshops are donation-based or low cost and for everyone. Our in-house sexperts and guest sex educators, will teach you everything they know and products are passed around so you […]

  • Lingerie Galore! New Vintage, Modern & Contemporary Looks

    New lingerie & garments available now at Tulip Chicago boutiques & worldwide online! …& Coming Soon to Tulip Lakeview… We’ll be announcing the launch of a Lingerie & Garments addition connecting to the boutique! While we’re working on making the new space look fabulous, come browse & shop BRAND NEW lingerie, apparel, garments and all […]