3 Good Books Hidden on Our Bookshelf and Why They Are Good

3 Good Books Hidden on Our Bookshelf and Why They Are Good

Girl Meets Girl by Diana Cage

Why: Because I could’ve used this when I was a baby dyke!

It will help those budding lesbians out there to: come out, find their inner player, navigate internet dating, make stuffed acorn squash, communicate clearly, not drive a u-haul to the second date, become a master of “sexting”, outfit their toy-chest and not chase their girlfriend down the street wearing nothing but boxer shorts as she drives away angry. Ok, that last part is personal, but I think had I been reading this book, I probably would have been less inclined to put on such a half-naked crazy-person show for the neighbors.

Urban Aboriginals by Geoff Mains

Why: Because it’s fascinating and sexy to think about this stuff.

In an interview when this book was published in 1984 Mains questioned, “If we look at such things as pain/pleasure as human capacity and not sickness, then we have to start asking what happens when society represses certain capacities?”

This book courses through the origins of leathersexuality and many quite beautiful personal accounts.

Sex Disasters and How to Survive Them by Charles Moser and Janet W. Hardy

Why: Because let’s face it, sometimes it doesn’t go like you planned.

Have you ever wondered what to do if you bit your partner during sex a little too hard and now they are bleeding? or the police showed up at your door during a particular rambunctious sex session? Or the hickey you got last night isn’t going away anytime soon and your partner is going to kill you? Or your cat just ate a condom? Well, the answers are all spelled out for you here in this hilarious book, and even if you think you are the supreme lover who can handle any situation–like me for example, it’s always amusing to imagine other people’s misfortune in the sack.

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